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Winter Park Resort ~

Winter Park

Winter Park Resort

Winter Park Resort is a favorite ski and snowboard destination in Colorado. It has tons of that superb powder snow you crave. However, it also has the exceptional weather to support a full day of reliable skiing. Blizzards can quickly put skiers off the slopes and into the lodge. If you come to a ski resort to ski, Winter Park is one of the best choices. With over 100 days of sunshine during the peak skiing season, Winter Park is one of the brightest resorts in the Rockies. With 70% of the days being ski-able, chances are, you’ll have a great day on the slopes.

With over 2,700 acres of powder heaven, everyone in the family will be able to find the right runs and trails for him or her. There are actually five mountains connected together that comprise Winter Park. They are as follows:

  • Winter Park
  • Mary Jane
  • Parsenn Bowl
  • Vasquez Cirque
  • Vasquez Ridge.

Getting to Winter Park is fairly easy as well, lying just 66 miles from Denver. A trip to Winter Park this season is a decision you will not regret. With all of the options available to skiers along with the beautiful weather found here almost every day, Winter Park Resort should be near the top of your list.

Winter Park Stats

Base Elevation: 9,000 ft
Summit Elevation: 12,060 ft
Vertical Drop: 2,610 ft
Skiable Area: 3,060 acres
Annual Snowfall: 351 in
Snowmaking: 7 %
Number of Lifts: 25
Uphill Lift Capacity: 35,030 per hour
Types of Lifts: 

  • 3 Magic Carpets
  • 3 Surface Lifts
  • 6 Double Chairs
  • 4 Triple Chairs
  • 7 Hi-Speed Quads
  • 2 Hi-Speed Six
Number of Trails: 143
Longest Run: 26,930 ft


Winter Park Reviews:

Guy Huntley from Dallas, TX                                                                                                Dec 4, 2008

Winter Park is a well developed ski area with a variety of trails. It is actively being redeveloped. There are two fatal flaws.

1. It is a 2000 foot hike from the bus drop down 100′ to the ski lifts. Not a bad walk with your skis and poles in the morning when you are fresh. That 100′ rise is a challenge later in the day when all you want to do is get out of your boots and curl around a tall one.

2. This would not be terribly bad except the developers decided to remove all the over night ski storage facilities. So you are doomed to haul your skis, boots, and poles up and down the hill for the entire duration of you stay. The stated reason for these two fatal flaws is the developers want all skiers to trudge through their new shopping village. This is OK for Denver area week end skiers. If they don’t like the hike they can drive another hour or so to the next ski area. Destination skiers have many other choices. I have never been to or heard of a ski area that intentionally made it difficult for skiers to ski their resort. Winter Park has succeeded. I will never ski Winter Park again. (coutesy – (sorry Winterpark!)

My Take: Poor Guy from Dallas didn’t really come to ski now did he? Are you crazy? Being one of the older ski areas in the state, WP is huge! I’ve only skied there a couple times and it was fantastic! You could spend a life time exploring that whole place. The only drawback to me is that it is close to Denver and so it can get a little zoo-ed but once everybody gets spread out, Winter Park is outrageous!

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