Surfing in Mexico

by bert on April 24, 2011

Skiing’s over and we should be surfing in Mexico. Right? Damn right . . . here’s the next best thing:

Cool huh . . . surfing in Mexico . . .

I didn’t happen this year but going surfing in Mexico after the lifts close is a great way to close a big year of phat snow. My best time surfing Mexico was at a place called San Blas – it’s in the Guinness World Book of Records – it’s where the longest wave in the world happens! It was good for me; perfect little breaks – paddle out and around, line up and catch the wave. It was a great time, I learned a lot.

. . . surfing in Mexico . . . Costa Rica, Panama, Austrailia, . . .

Surfing in MexicoIt could be surfing in Mexico or anywhere for that matter; surfing the source . . . it’ll set you free. I first learned how to surf (if you can call it that, I’m still not good at it) in Oregon. “Cold ass” describes it best, we were in wetsuits about a 1/2″ thick! Since then my surf travel list includes not only surfing in Mexico and Oregon to advance my surfing career, but also New York, California, St. Croix, St. Thomas and Hawaii.

Going to do some surfing in Mexico?

I’m no expert on surfing in Mexico but I’m hoping you are – what do you know about where to go to surf Mexico? Surfing tours? Mexico surf camps? Don’t be selfish, if you got the goods, spill’em!

What do you think? Surfing in Mexico sounds pretty good right about now doesn’t it!?

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