“Huevos Revueltos” . . . surfing Mexico!

by bert on May 29, 2011

What the hell does Scrambled Eggs have to do with surfing Mexico? Watch this video and you tell me:

Nate Tyler_ Huevos Revueltos 2 [dos] from SimonSmoothBalls.com on Vimeo.

What did you think? Some nice tubes but scrambled eggs? What am I missing? Hmmm. Anyway, great video of surfing Mexico wouldn’t you say? Watching stuff like this gets me all revved up to sell all my shit and just disappear . . . the last thing anyone would have to say about me is that he’s gone surfing in Mexico.


Surfing Mexico

"Huevos Revueltos"


The secrets of surfing Mexico?


You tell me, are you sitting on some secrets? The only reason I’m doing this post is because of my fascination with surfing – some day I will be good at surfing – it’s my main goal in life . . . I guess I better hurry up and get surfing Mexico – because you know what they say- “surfing’s the source, it’ll set you free”.


When it comes to surfing Mexico . . . there’s more to it than just surfing Mexico . . .

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