Another Day of Skiing in the Sun

by bert on December 27, 2012

Blue Sky and Snow-Flocked TreesSkiing in the sun . . . oh yeah, what could be better? New snow?!

All of a sudden we’re doin’ it again! We finally got the snow and it’s been good! Deep snow and sunshine! Skiing in the sun!


As you can see, we had us a Bluebird day. Truthfully, we ripped all the new snow pretty good in the last few days and now it’s got some density to it; settling down and the sun got to it. But the corduroy was UNBELIEVABLE!

Zoom and Groom

If you you’ve tuned into my ranting and raving in the past, I like to brag about the ALL-NATURAL snow at Monarch. Because Monarch is one of the oldest ski areas in the state of Colorado, they been doin’ natural, skiing in the sun, since 1939!

I always tell everybody, “what Monarch lacks in vertical, it makes up for in down-home and no crowds”. But even that’s changing – call someplace paradise and kiss it goodbye. They built an awesome addition on to the old lodge and made a bunch of upgrades. AND they’re going to be getting the new chair down into No Name Bowl – up and over from the top of the Breezeway Chair – maybe by next season.

Since Monarch sits atop the Continental Divide, we get hammered with snow regularly. And when we’ve chewed through all the pow (last Monday! Oh My Dog!), they get the snowcats on the lower angle stuff and turn it all into super-fine Corduroy! Amazing Mach 6 rippin’ in the sunshine!

Skiing in the Sun Again Tomorrow?

The really cool thing is that we’re going to finally get a good day of skiing in the sun on our 4th Anniversary! We married ourselves on a little rock outcropping, right on the Continental Divide, accessed from the Panorama Chair. Every year on the Winter Solstice, we go back up there and renew our vows – rumor has it, the World is ending tomorrow so this might be the last one!

Big sun and deep snow – what else is there?!

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Scotty June 28, 2013 at 5:29 am

Great videos Bert always love watching your take on the different resorts from Colorado


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