Ski Extreme? The Word for 2011?

by bert on December 31, 2010

Yes, 2011 is the year to Ski Extreme . . . for some of us. Personally I’m just going to find some good deep snow and stay on the ground and shoot some video. But check out the lines this Euro dude is laying down . . .

Do you ski extreme?

Let me be the first to cheer you on! It’s really cool to watch videos like this one and imagine what it’s like to be on that snow, but let’s face it; most of us aren’t there, never were, and never will be. So what is the definition of a Powder Addict?

Ski Extreme“Ski Extreme” is subject to interpretation

The words “ski extreme” conjure up all sorts of imagines for us, but one things for sure, when it’s starts snowing deep, we all get that undeniable hunger to get out there in it. When you’re young and strong is when it sets in, and if you let soak deep into your blood it keeps you young and strong.

Ski Extreme = Helicopters and Snowcats

There is a God after all . . . hence helicopters and snow cats. What loving and benevolent God would create a world with all this light, dry, deep powder snow and let us grow old watching it go to waste? Preposterous! “Ski Extreme” is state of mind, propelled by that insatiable sensation of dropping the next turn into some bottomless fluff.

What Image Does “Ski Extreme” Play In Your Head?

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