. . . more home-grown skiing videos!

by bert on March 22, 2011

More powder skiing videos! We’re having some fun now; check out the insane mewzak Dean put to this one!

Homedmade skiing videos . . .

They did the right thing naming this helmet cam because, yes, it makes you feel like a HERO in these skiing videos! Did you get  yours yet? Don’t wait, this changes everything. It’s cool to show on the videos what it looks like from inside your head, but it’s even better to get behind someone else and make them the Hero of your skiing videos. Dean was better at that than me – or so far, I’m working on getting good at it!

That’s Dean in these skiing videos;

yes you’ve got that right – Taos Badass Dean Pulver! The famous star of countless extreme skiing videos – or will be soon anyway! This way he can write off everything about skiing; passes, trips, tickets, gear, clothes, food, alcohol – everything! Does it seem like being the star of these powder skiing videos is paying off? Damn right it is!

. . . is “skiing videos” a great keyword or what?

Skiing VideosWhy is that? It’s because of all the powder addicts just like you who live only to get out there in that deep shit every chance you get! And if you’re not out there in it, you’re back at the ranch editing and watching the skiing videos from the day before! Isn’t that you right next to the heli? It should be! But where’s your GP helmet cam?!

I’m Always Looking For More Homemade Powder Skiing Videos, So Send Me Some Of Yours!

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