<strong>A Basin Enduro: Extreme Skiing Classic</strong>

by bert on May 16, 2011

Nobody”s gotta go out of there way to get it going on with some extreme skiing at A Basin – the Pali chair”s got the goods.

Arapahoe Basin”s Enduro 2011 from Rex Lint on Vimeo.

Pallavicini chair – extreme skiing inbounds

I think Rex Lint did a great job with this video in telling the story of  how the Enduro began. I got to ski Arapahoe Basin a lot a couple years back and I was amazed how close to trouble you could yourself into on those steep shots right under the Pali chair. At A Basin, they bring the extreme skiing to you.

The Enduro: extreme skiing sustained

phpaide.com title=”extreme-skiing” src=”http://powderskiingcolorado.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/extreme-skiing.jpg” alt=”Extreme Skiing” width=”300″ height=”186″ />Just in case you missed it on the video, the winning team racked up 95,688 vertical feet for the event. The vertical per lap was 1329 . . . 95,688 / 1329 = 72 runs in 10 hours! That”s

a whole different kind of extreme skiing and something good to think about the next time you ski A Basin.

. . . the extreme skiing terrain . . .

They call A Basin “The Legend” for all the serious gnar it”s been serving up since 1946. Of all the Colorado ski resorts, A Basin has been a huge favorite of many, not only because of the serious extreme skiing terrain but it”s also a quick shot out of Denver and some of the most accessible hardcore action you can get into fast.

What”s your story of the most extreme skiing you”ve done at A Basin?

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