Snow Science

by bert on December 6, 2011

Snow Science . . . I stole this one.

Snow ScienceBut it was some pretty interesting information that I sort of knew already, and need to know more about. What do you know about snow science? Lesson 1: Snow/Liquid Ratio . . . you know that one already by another name – Trippin’ the Light Fantastic!  I also have to steal the phase “The Land of Faceshots” . . . I feel another post coming on.

Using your superior knowledge of snow science, how steep is steep?

I thought this was pretty telling; we all think we are such super-heros when you get out there in the steep and deep, but the reality is that we’re operating from some fuzzy snow science . . . it’s not nearly 55 degrees like we were bragging about. Pop quiz: what slope angle is most likely to slide?

Snow science explains the great mystery: why does it snow?

Aha! Why does it snow like hell on one side of the mountain and not the other? Now you’re gonna find out! Check out this episode of Snow Science! (maybe Joel will come to Colorado next – or what the hell, let’s head for Snowbird and Alta! Yeehaa!)

After 4o years of skiing, it’s about time for a little Snow Science 101!

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