Ski Monarch!

by bert on December 15, 2011

02.29.12 ~ Leap Day! How sweet it is! Reporting 13″ new @ 4am . . . it was one hell of an awesome day to ski Monarch!

02.20.12 ~ Yeeehaaa! Ski Monarch! Great riding today for Presidents Day, even though you could feel how hard the mountain had been pounded  by the holiday traffic.

02.13.12 ~ been busy ! Sorry for the delay on getting this one up – oooooo . . . it was another sweet, sweet powday to ski Monarch!

02.07.12 ~ Eeeeee . . . it was good today! It took me a few days to get this one up . . . got busy. Ski Monarch!

02.03.12 ~ Ouch. Skiing was rough today. I could see it on the ride up Pano, looking down at Sheer-rock-o that the top wasn’t the place to be. It was more friendly down on the Garfield Chair. The good thing is that I got to use these clips to figure out MovieMaker editing software. I think I like it. Next is the Youtube encoding.

01.22.12 ~ Finally . . . all the dancin’ and prayin’ paid off! We got some tasty fluff – check it out! This vid was JRs, it was saweet! Click the links for the vids: Sheer-Rock-O, Shagnasty Trees, and Lobo into Examiner. Yes indeed . . . Ski Monarch!

01.17.12 ~ Yes. Got my fix and now I’m ready for more . . . it was a good day to ski Monarch; first tracks down Dire Straits, Mirage was excellent, Turbo was good but tricky, and I got the satisfaction I needed from Sheer-rock-o. This was Day 7 for the year; I did my 6 rides and was back at my computer by 11am! 

01.05.12 ~ Ooooo . . . we’re hurtin’ but it was still good today for some bumps on Christmas and a little high-speed rippin’ around on the cord. This is actually only Day 6 for me to to ski Monarch this year . . . I’m a slacker!

12.21.11 ~ She’s back! My little Sharon is back up to ski Monarch for the first time after her heavy duty knee injury and even heavier duty knee surgery at the Steadman Clinic in Vail last February. But, even better that, this day, the Winter Solstice, we married ourselves on the Continental Divide, off the top of the Panorama Chair, in 2008! We renewed our vows again today!

12.17.11 ~ Oh yeah, rippin’ fresh cord off the top, all to myself on a beautimus Saturday morning . . . that’s what it’s like to ski Monarch. Still a little sketchy and feeling a little early season but no worries, life is good at the top!

12.15.11 ~ About 3″ new, it was sweet! Getting better every day – ski Monarch!

12.11.11 ~ Just out for a cruise to start getting pumped and ready for the next Big Day!
Have some fun, ski Monarch!

12.08.11 ~ Good opening day – got my POW fix! It’s going to be a good year to ski Monarch!

It’s time for you to get out there and Ski Monarch!

Ski Monarch!

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