<strong>Mt. Shavano Ski Shop and the Secrets of Speed</strong>

by bert on February 28, 2011

Wow, I never knew there was so much to the secrets of speed! But I got Tracy Smith and Scott Fisher of Mt. Shavano Ski & Snowboard Shop on the way up to Monarch Mountain, to let loose and divulge what they do to make skis and snowboards ride so fast. I had to break  the interview into 3 parts there”s so much to it – check it out – Part 1 of the secrets of speed:

How do you learn the secrets of Speed?

Tracy is the owner of the shop and he started skiing at 3 years old and raced all through his junior high and high school years for the Loveland Ski Team. Serving the Town Challenge Racing Program at Monarch Mountain, Tracy and the crew have been perfecting the art of the wax for 16 years now. That”s how . . . that”s how you learn the secrets of speed and make skis and snowboards go fast.

Who”d a known there”s so much to the casino internet secrets of speed!

From diamond stones and polished edges to exotic waxes, mind-reading the weather, special “spray-on” top-coats for the pre-race runs, ironed-in, scraped-down, brushed out, hot box, baked-in . . . no wonder the one and only race I won this year was on a fresh wax job from Mt. Shavano!

Keepers of the Secrets of Speed

Secrets of SpeedLike so many other things in life, there is an art and science to attaining the skill and expertise needed to judiciously extol the secrets of speed – and Tracy and Scott have mastered it. Not only does it take training, experimentation and observation, it”s takes money too. With state-of-the-art equipment to precision tune the base and the edges of the skis and boards, these expensive pieces of machinery are critical to the way a ski or board rides even before it gets the perfect wax job.

That”s a lot about skis and boards going fast, but what about boots? Scott is the master boot-fitter; trained and certified, he can help you get the power to your boards and that”s another huge topic for another post. Stay tuned.

If you”re looking to get on the inside of the secrets of speed, Scott and Tracy are the life-long ski tech guys to not only get you out there going fast, but also with precision and confidence.

Isn”t It About Time To Put The Secrets of Speed To Work For You?

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