Lovin’ it @ Loveland!

by bert on January 27, 2011

After doing some snooping around on the Loveland Trail Map I heard myself say to myself, “why have you never skied here?” So away I went. The first person I ran into was “Quieta” – and if I spelled your name wrong Quieta I apologize!

Loveland – established 1937

From my point of view, I think it’s great that everyone coming up from Denver seems to think that they have to go to Vail. That leaves Loveland to all those that are really in it for the skiing and riding. I thought the area looked big on the map – it was enormous in person! Getting from the bottom all the way to the top of the Divide was quite a long ride and a stunning introduction to the immensity of the terrain available.

Loveland – The People

LovelandIt was fun and an honor to talk with Quieta and get an image of what Loveland is and has been to so many people for so many years now. The older, smaller, and less famous areas in Colorado seem to draw the real Colorado-spirited people, or maybe it’s when you’re there is draws the real Colorado spirit out of you – either way, the laid back and friendly attitude is what you find the most of and Loveland’s got it going on big time for that.

Loveland 2011

I was a little surprised at how up to date everything was. The lifts were not the mondo-behemoth, 6 seater, high speeds jobs, but clean equipment, well-run and efficient. For a Tuesday, it was naturally quiet but there were boarders and hikers, teen manics, people cruising, people hauling ass, big wide open arcs, steep bumps, stashes in the trees, and plenty of room for 100 times more people.

With a lift that goes to the top of the Continental Divide there is obviously plenty of risk and exposure to the most adverse weather conditions Colorado can throw at you and on our day it was no exception; the higher snow had become slabby due to high wind the night before and the air temp difference was dramatic from top to bottom.

Nevertheless, since 1937 big snow has been falling here at Loveland and there has never been a shortage of people to come up and rip it. If you haven’t been here yet . . . you’re next!

What do you love the most about Loveland?

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Brian October 18, 2012 at 5:27 pm

I’m going to Loveland in a month. Hope I run into Quita! 🙂


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