Freeskiing World Tour in Crested Butte, CO Feb. 18, 2011

by bert on February 21, 2011

I made it over to Crested Butte on Friday the 18th to see what was going with the Freeskiing World Tour competition happening there – as expected it was a high voltage scene – I did a little video of the serious freeskiing I saw, check it out:

Freeskiing or rock dancing?

It’s amazing what these guys and girls will ski or ride . . . most of the terrain they choose to lay down tracks are the places where you never see any tracks. Rocky, cliffy, trees . . . most for the places you and I stay away from. What they decide to do looks impossible until they do it – no wonder it’s called “freeskiing” – you are completely free to break all the rules and go beyond all limits.

The Subaru Freeskiing World Tour

They started in El Colorado in Chile in Aug, then went to Las Lenas in Argentina. Early January the venue was Revelstoke up in British Columbia. Late January was the Qualifier in Jackson Hole, then on to Stop 4 in Crested Butte. Two more stops will finish off the season; Kirkwood in CA next, then on to Snowbird in Utah. These freeskiing events are attracting the serious contenders and a massive amount of spectators.

Freeskiing . . .

freeskiingIt’s cool that we are all free to ski and ride the way we want, what we want and define and redefine what our own limits need to be. Freeskiing is more like a state of mind or a way of life, the evolved expression of what can be done on the snow on a pair of skis or a snowboard.

So to close, a big “Thanks” and a shout out to all those competitors pushing the limits of freeskiing and opening our minds to see it all differently and go beyond what we thought were our limits.

How Do You Define “Freeskiing”?

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