Colorado Ski Season Starts at Monarch!

by bert on December 19, 2012

Monarch Logo Wall DisplayFor Monarch, the Colorado ski season kicked in with a major dump of deep snow!

Of course everyone thinks the Colorado ski season should be well underway by Thanksgiving but sometimes that just doesn’t work out. Especially when the pride and joy of what your area has to offer is 100% ALL NATURAL snow!

Monarch started out way back in 1939 and still to this day doesn’t have any snow-making whatsoever. At Monarch, the Colorado ski season starts when Mother Nature is good and ready.

Our First Day Up

It was Sunday, the sky was blue in town, it was windy at the house, we slept in, we made breakfast . . . and finally left the house at 12:30. As we headed up, the mountain was socked in and it wasn’t long before we we dropped the Pathfinder into 4-wheel as the roads were now packed.

By the time we hit made the turn into the parking lot it was an all-out, hammering big time powder day!

Our Colorado Ski Season Starts Off Right

The new lodge is all set up so that you can drop off and go inside to put the boots on, hit the can, and walk right out and into your skis. We slid on down to the Garfield Chair and away we went. We stayed on the Garfield Chair and got the feel of our skis back quickly on Sidewinder, Drifter, Liberty and North Forty. The snow was deep for 2pm on a Sunday afternoon! We couldn’t believe it! But then, that’s what we’ve come to expect from Monarch.

To The Top

Then we headed around the corner on Sleepy Hollow, down Glade to the Panorama Chair. When we got off we headed to the right and down to the corner to check out what our annual short little hike is going to be like; up to the little nob where on the we married ourselves on the Winter Solstice 2008! It’s that little bump you see on the map just to the right and above where Great Divide turns down into Snowburn. All is well; we’ll be headed up there Friday to renew our vows.

Another ride on the Pano Chair and a blast down Mirage . . . daaaaaamn – it was SaWEEET! Especially the lower part, skiers left – a steep shot, thigh deep pow! Love it!

Save Some for Tomorrow

And that was it. We’d had our fill and were ready to pack it up. What was cool was that my little Sharon popped her left knee REALLY bad in January of 2011 and we’ve been working hard on that project ever since. But, ya know, as you can see in my substandard little video, it looks like she’s till got it, wouldn’t you say?!

Monday, First Chair?

It was pounding when we left and I was prepared . . . 6am I be calling the snow report! (719) 539-5000

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