Vail . . . “The Hard Way Down”

by bert on February 6, 2011

I got all inspired that Vail got a nice little dump today and more on the way – I found this home-grown vid and loved the music! It fits in an odd way with our upcoming trip to Vail this week. Check it out!

Vail . . . is Huge!

If you haven’t been, where this guy Dante was at on Vail when he did this video was Blue Sky Basin, which is like a whole ski resort all on it’s own. You head up the front of Vail, which is a gondola ride or two chairs, then a massive drop down the back bowls to the Skyline Express chair and way up and across and looking back at China Bowl and Siberia Bowl.

My favorite at Vail . . .

. . . is Rasputin’s Revenge. A little bit of hike helps to hold down the traffic out to Rasputin’s, then a nice drop off a cornice and a few rocks to fly off of on the way on down. I’ll be doing a sneak-peek preview of the map soon to help clue you into what I know about Vail – I am by no means a Vail local or insider but I have had a few Vail Resorts “Epic Passes”. Oh yeah, one more: Genghis Kahn.

A week in Vail!

VailIt’s not good news. My sweet little wife Sharon popped her ACL and LCL in a race clinic last week and now we are all lined up to be in Vail at the Steadman Clinic for surgery with Dr. LaPrade. Woohoo! It’s supposed to snow like hell . . . but I’ll be making sure my little Sharon is getting to PT twice a day. So we’ll see if I get on the snow at all; we need to make sure she is put together better than new and these docs are the world-famous ones to do it.

What’s Your Favorite Spot To Hit When You’re At Vail?

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Bert Middleton February 16, 2011 at 4:20 am

Thanks! Yes, we are hitting the PT hard so she will be all healed up and race-ready next season. In the meantime . . . I will be back up to Vail and BC to get my fair share but I think this weekend I’m going to sneak over to CB and check out the Free Skiing Tour! Thanks for all the great pics . . . you really know how to hurt an addict . . .


SnowDotCom February 15, 2011 at 10:50 pm


Sorry to hear about your wife. Hope the PT will get her back on her feet!

We’ve got a ton of photos: from that weekend. So much snow in Vail!

Are you coming back soon?


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