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by bert on February 13, 2011

The backcountry master Joel Bettner does it again. While I”ve been stuck here in Vail tended to my sweet little wife Sharon”s knee after knee surgery at the Steadman Clinic, it was most excellent to come across Joel”s latest backcountry video work and live vicariously . . . watch this:

Jan 2011 – Joel & Friends from Joel Bettner on Vimeo.

Go Pro for some good backcountry video

I finally picked up a Go Pro HD Hero at SIA 2011 but I haven”t even fired it up yet. Watching Joel and friends  put the cameras to use out in the backcountry is painful but exhilarating. I sat out the big days last Sunday and Tuesday . . . have you even been in Vail on a big dump day only to watch it out the window? I now understand the plight of a heroin addict . . .

Backcountry yurt trips . . . what”s your favorite?

I moved up to Colorado from Taos a few years ago and while I”ve skied all around the state for years, I have been derelict in keeping my priorities straight. (work) Joel shared some of his backcountry stashes and we need to thank him for that, but what about you? What”s your best backcountry story? Let”s get your Hero video on.

. . . backcountry, resort, park . . .

backcountry. . . Colorado has it all! Taos was great but they are hurting so far this year. It”s sketchy down there from year to year but I”m loving it here in CO. It”s amazing how accessible the backcountry is up here and it”s truly fantastic how much hike-to and snowcat skiing there is as well.

I”m no park skier but it”s really cool how much is happening at every resort in the state when it comes to terrain park action. The spectator factor is at a premium the way the parks are always strategically placed for viewing from the chair.

What Works For You? Is The Backcountry Calling You?

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