Big Powder Day! 12/17/12

by bert on December 19, 2012

Powder Day for Darth VaderHUGE Powder Day! I’ve had some monster powder days in my time, but daaaamn, this really was the first time I couldn’t figure out how to a get gulp of fresh air without my mouth getting packed with snow!

And only the 17th of December! 4th day open for Monarch it was nothing short of an EPIC powder day!

Should have snapped on the GoPro! Sorry – my bad!

The “Blow-by-Blow”

I was on it. Got to the parking lot early, jumped in my stuff and I was the only one around when I got to the Garfield Chair. A quick ride up, got the OK from the life operator, so I spun around and broke tracks over to No Name . . . it was as virgin as it gets!

I was a little tentative; 2nd day out, deeeeep snow, wasn’t sure how far down underneath the rocks were . . . but I got over it in a hurry and RIPPED! Cut through to the chair line just in time to receive the whoops and hollers of envy from the late comers on the chair. It was glorious! Choking on snow ALL THE WAY!


Yes, it’s only a week away but I mean I got off Garfield again and spun around the lift shack and headed for the top of Christmas Trees! First one down that this year – non-stop, it was slow motion surreal . . . dropping into the bottom of each turn . . . every turn was like an eternity, it felt like I would never get to the bottom . . . of each turn! I shot out of Christmas and headed for the Panorama Chair.

To The Top

The snow was deep. It had that look to it that made you understand what it must be like to be a junky. “Like” a junky? I AM a junky! I couldn’t wait to get off that chair and light up Sheer-rocko. And light it up I did . . . slung low, blastin’ the pow, non-stop, high-speed . . . oh my dog, it was AMAZING! Choking on snow the whole way! I did stop at the top of the rock band to assess my line . . . then pointed ’em down, shot straight through and rode the run-out back to Pano.

High Anxiety

Deep. Smooth. Feeling for rocks under my skis and not finding any. I did stop and carefully pick my way down through the rock band, hit the run out and back to Pano.

JRs . . . Powder Day

Deep. I could feel some of the contour of the bumps that had already been grown from the weekend traffic – it was sweet. Wide open, not a soul around, I had the whole place to myself, not a new track on it.


Now there was a couple tracks on Zipper and I had to pass one guy making his way down. It was deep, light, and I was choking on snow the whole way down. THIS is a powder day at Monarch.


Over here, it was starting to get chewed up . . . but it was still sweet! Especially the bottom part, skier’s left; a steep shot, DEEP snow . . . just like the day before.

Powder Day Dreams

The only disappointing thing about the whole day was that when I was riding up the chair for the last time, (it was almost 10:30, I’d ripped all the snow, and I needed to get back to work) someone else had put a track down Sheer-rocko – so now there was my first track and his . . . ouch.

Anyway, I spun around to the left and dropped into Sheer-rocko like the time I was eluding the cops! (actually “attempting” to elude) I BaLAZED that sucker . . . got tripped up on the rock band, crashed, skied out of it and skied all the way down out to the car in the parking lot.

That’s . . . what a powder day at Monarch it like.

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