Our Winter Solstice Tradition

by bert on December 27, 2012

Our Cool Wedding RingsIt’s our Winter Solstice Tradition! We married ourselves on a little nob of rocks, right on top of the Continental Divide, four years ago in 2008!

We go back up there every year and renew our vows. It’s is a little spot that we get to by taking the Pano Chair to the top, hang a right and ski down to the end of Great Divide. Right before it starts to turn down into Snowburn, it’s that high spot just up to the right – check out the map.

Holy Matrimony

It’s a big day for us, our Winter Solstice tradition. I finally found a woman that can ski everything I can. And even though we get sucked into playing the Christmas game every year with all the rest of the masses, the Winter Solstice in the real natural holiday we should be celebrating. So on both counts, it HAD to be the day we got hitched.

The Nicest Day Ever!

Let me tell ya, this day in 2008, it was a cold @#$*^% #^&%*@. It was ROUGH! It must have been 20 below! We got up there, said our vows, and in the time it took to put the rings on, we almost got frostbite! Now THATS Love. We hightailed it off of there and went back to town and got in bed!

Today was good though, as you can see in the vid. Every year since then it’s been pretty much of a repeat of the original Winter Solstice tradition. Today we were able to lounge around and hang out and get naked. Well, that was just a thought, we didn’t actually get naked. But we did have the chance to reminisce and talk about the good times, the hard times, and the times ahead . . . like the Pow Days that are on the slate for next week!

Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here . . .

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