Mountain Bike Guides: Colorado

by bert on August 9, 2011

Mountain bike guides?

All right I’m confused. Are we looking for a guide to buy a mountain bike or do we need a guide to get us out on some good terrain? No matter, just watch this vid for some good entertainment while I get this “mountain bike guides” thing sorted out . . . 

Now if we’re talking about mountain bike guides for buying mountain bikes, this article from hit the nail on the head for me: they started out with reviewing the Trek Fuel EX 8 – the $2500-ish bike I’ve had my eye on for a while now – check it out.

Now as far as good mountain bike guides go . . .

Mountain Bike Guides. . . your on your own . . . for two simple reasons: first nobody really wants to give up there stashes and second, nobody wants to babysit you. So good luck – it’s more like you are just going to have start asking and digging and see what you come up with.

All right, all right . . . it’s not that tough. As a matter of fact since I just live over the hill from Gunnison, I’m going to have to go check this one out – no mountain bike guides required.

Don’t be waiting for any mountain bike guides to come along . . .

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