About PSC

powder skiing coloradoWho Am I?

Someday I will know the answer – but just so you know – Bert Middleton is my name.

I grew up skiing and ski racing in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest, then ended up back in New Mexico (I was born there) and lived in Taos from the early 2000s til 2008.

We ended up in Summit County for 2 winters and that was good; an Epic Pass for Vail, Beaver Creek, Breck, A Basin, etc. was only $579 unlimited.  I worked for a window & door importer and was sentenced to drive all over Colorado to every major ski town to promote our Czech windows & doors.

Now I’ve settled into Salida, and live 20 minutes from Monarch . . . which I love! No crowds, no shuttles, natural snow – it’s the best!

What I do?

I ski every day it snows in the winter and mountain bike every other day in the summer and market on the internet in-between. I’m now known as The Gout Killer. I figured out how to get loose from the dastardly grip of the evil Gout and now I’m responsible for saving the rest of the world from it.

Why I do it.

C’mon . . . you know why. Alright, just to be clear, I’m a powder addict and a health and fitness freak. I’m here to feel the magic and I want to help as many others as I can do the same.

How to connect . . .

Facebook, Twitter, Email – shoot me an email and let me know what kind of deep snow you’re finding and, definitely if you got a video you want me to put on, let me know. I love to promote homegrown.

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